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TheInstallers.In team use different adhesive for different types of wallpaper.Few facts of Wallpaper:

  • Wallpaper is no more a luxury product. it is more of a trendy and a need of the hour for the walls.It is always a better looking product than a painted wall.

  • We at The Installers can guide you with various type of wallpaper like vinyl, non woven, fabric, glass cloth, natural, customized , etc.

  • Beside just a wall covering wallpaper are installed to beautify shelves, window, bed backing, TV units, etc.

  • Wallpaper Installation:

    Accurate measurements are essential before ordering any paper. After pre-pasted wallpaper is moistened, or dry wallpaper is coated with wet paste, the wet surface is folded onto itself and left for a few minutes to activate the glue, which is called "booking wallpaper.

  • We the will look after all the required preparation, our well experienced technicians will visit the site take the necessary preparation like measurements.

  • We the have the answer for wallpaper installation. have well experienced and large number of technicians in the wallpaper installation business and we give one year warranty for what we installed.

  • Types of wallpaper:

    Lining Paper-Traditional Wallpaper-Vinyl Wallpaper-Embossed Wallpaper-Liquid Wallpaper- Non-Woven wallpaper-Fibreglass Wallpaper-Bamboo Wallpaper-Textile wallpaper-Veneer Wallpaper Lining-Polystyrene Sheeting-Polystyrene Veneer Lining Paper-Wood Chip Wallpaper-Woodchip Wallpaper-Anaglypta Wallpaper-Supaglypta Wallpaper-Flock Wallpaper-Foil Wallpaper-Printed Wallpaper.